Tulum Boutiques

By Joanne Forkin

Downtown Tulum Boutiques

Tulum draws tourists from all over the world especially in the past few years. Americans, Europeans, Canadians, South Americans, and Mexican Nationals from all over Mexico flock here to vacation, invest and sometimes move. While people in the United States may think Mexico is the size of Rhode Island, it actually is one of the largest countries in the world.

Calas Boutique Tulum

Tulum is in the state of Quintana Roo, an hour and half south from Cancun airport and 45 minutes south of Playa del Carmen. As St. Barts was once the rage, Bali 10 plus years ago, and Ibiza of most recently years, Tulum now attracts those bohemians, foodies and fashionistas looking for more than a sleepy fishing village. This ravenous appetite to party with the best while maintaining anonymity is in fact creating demand for high end restaurants, more boutique hotels and exclusive retreats, new attractions and fashion in all forms. While eco-friendly enthusiasts try to protect and preserve the green jungle, cenotes, nature preserves and gorgeous white sandy beaches and turquoise waters, Tulum is in a building boom and will continue to be so for some time. This boom is also happening in an influx of specialty shops, boutiques and clothing made in the Mayan Riviera, imported from other areas of Mexico, and around the globe. What is pleasing to the tourist seeking such apparel and offerings, is not always well received by the locals who find the prices rising and not palatable to their retirement fixed income budget.

I for one love that I can shop nearby here in Tulum better than I can in the states or in malls elsewhere. I feel pride to know that our Tulum has boutiques to rival the best anywhere. For me having fewer pieces that more interesting is a sacrifice I am willing to make. Here is just a sampling of a few boutiques that I personally like and shop in. While there are numerous boutiques in Tulum both downtown and on the beach, the focus here will be for just a few for now.

Calas Boutique

Calle Centaura Sur 249. 984-181-7553. This boutique has a great eclectic mix of dresses, bathing suits and accessories. It is beautifully organized and easy to see the merchandise. I usually pick something up whenever I stop in from a dress to a necklace. Much is made locally and the service is very good.

Calas mix of dresses, accessories, bathing suits


Amore Latino

Ave Tulum. This shop features all locally made clothing and shoes in particular. Prices are very reasonable for locals and tourists alike.
Boca Paila …the Tulum Beach area

Boutiques...joanne´s stash


Psylo Fashion

Boca Paila 5 …one of my favorites with a definite young vibe but right up my alley as I have so many pieces from this shop. Belts, hats, dresses, skirts and tops…all from Bali.

Psylo clothes from Bali


Shanti Chic Boutique at Amansala

Boca Paila 5.5 km. 998-734-7825. Love their swimwear and ponchos for cover ups not to mention crocheted items. Not inexpensive but very unique pieces that I just had to have a few.

Boutique Ambar handbags by mayans


Ambar Boutique at La Posada del Sol

Boca Paila 3.5 km. 984-134-8874. My favorite items at this shop are the handmade handbags by Mayan craftsmen from Mexico…leather goods with intricate designs and precious stones, etc. One of a kind pieces. I am always complimented on the handbag I purchased here.

Boutique Ambar in posadadelsol



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